Conspiracy theories and censorship.

Censorship is real. You are not allowed to have your own opinion. This is why Keepnitreal was formed in the first place. I will admit that there is a lot of crap posted on social media but the responsibility to verify truth should still remain the users. Most of us are adults, we have brains, and we don’t need baby sitters.
If you are trying to incite riots or calling people out to cause harm against others then I understand. That should not be allowed.
Conspiracy theories are always going to exist. That’s the governments fault for hiding the truth so many times before. Sweeping things under the rug and punishing people for believing the theory will not make it go away, it will make it grow. They politicians don’t help by immediately using an incident as a way to try and create change. We are not going to forget about it three days down the road.
Don’t keep the public in the dark and feed us BS, and there won’t be a need for theories like this.
What happened is horrible, is there any truth to this one, I don’t believe so. However that does not make censorship right.
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