Eating poop

So my wife and I raise chickens for the eggs, not many chickens but enough to give us eggs for ourselves and the family. Anyway, she was talking to someone at work who also raises them and the lady said, “If I had known what chickens eat, I would have never started eating eggs.” Which started them talking about what animals we eat eat. Most eat things we would never eat but we eat the animals and it kinda grossed the lady out. Gotta love my wife because she pointed out that even organic vegetables eat poop. Think about what you do to the soil to raise good veggies if you don’t feed them chemicals. They gotta have nutrients, so you feed them manure and and other decomposed things. Even the bugs that are good for your plants eat the bad parts of the plants, poop, and that feeds the plant.

So vegans, at some point today…. you ate shit, just like everyone else.


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