UFC Octagon Girls

If you came looking for UFC stats, sorry to disappoint you. This is just about the ring ladies, you know the ones we drool over between rounds. I am also not going to give you a lot of stats on the ladies either. Just pics and maybe a tidbit or two. So enjoy the pics and don’t drool on the keyboard.

Jhenny Andrade

5’6” 103lbs

She is also a television personality in her native Brazil.


Luciana Andrade

5’6” 120lbs

Check out her Video here.



Chrissy Blair

5’7” 107lbs

Artistic and into boxing, as in participating.

Carly Baker

5’7” 112lbs

See her photos here. You are Welcome!!!

Red Dela Cruz

5’3” hidden…

Secretive about her weight, not sure why, she was also the first winner of the first Octagon Girl Search in Asia.

Brittney Palmer

5’6” 120lbs

She designed the t-shirts for UFC 213.

Jamillette Gaxiola

5’9” 120lbs

Represented Cuba in the 2009 Miss Earth competition.

Rachelle Leah

5’7” 115lbs

Leah was studying to become a paramedic so she can resuscitate your heart if needed. She was also on the cover of Playboy.

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